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Bird Houses

Backyardgardener isn’t a name you would expect to offer Bird Houses products, but we do. Who needs a fancy internet name to sell Bird Houses, all you really need is a someone with a heart to help you. If you purchase any Bird Houses item, the profits generated are used to assist our employee’s education fund. Honestly! Backyardgardener is the a fresh new store who offers Bird Houses and many other products and categories. We are constantly expanding our store, so your able to shop and use your free time to do nothing. Our goal is providing quality Bird Houses products, everything from top to bottom; indoors to outdoors; home & garden to automotive, computer equipment to tools and with a few extra toys for the kids.

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Club House Birdhouse $129.99
Clubhouse Birdhouse Quality Craftsmanship Re-creation of one of the most famous sites in golf. This Southern Plantation design has balconies all around the four sides and two separate nest boxes. Birding parents will enjoy nesting in this functional (more ...)
Club House Birdhouse

Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins $339.99
Clubhouse Birdhouse for Purple Martins Quality Craftsmanship This is the large format of the popular Club House Bird House inspired by the classic Southern Plantation style clubhouse at the most famous site in the world of golf. 16 Purple Martin (more ...)
Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins

Colony Bat House $52.99
Colony Bat House The Colony Bat House is a unique triple-chambered nursery that has been designed to accommodate dozens of mature bats and their offspring. This nursery is etched in brass moon with a branded bat picture. Vented and well constructed, (more ...)
Colony Bat House

Coppertop Bluebird House $46.99
Coppertop Bluebird House Hand Crafted Cedar The Audubon Coppertop Bluebird House features high-quality, handcrafted construction with a 12 oz. copper roof, predator guard and easy-open front for cleaning. It's simple design is pleasing to the senses (more ...)
Coppertop Bluebird House

Cuckoo Cottage Architectural Bird House $79.99
Cuckoo Cottage Birdhouse for Bluebirds Uncommon Charm This intricately carved birdhouse will delight your cavity dwellers. Constructed of kiln-dried hardwood and a non-toxic outdoor paint. The back wall is removable for easy cleaning. Mounting (more ...)
Cuckoo Cottage Architectural Bird House

Deluxe Cedar Purple Martin House $179.99
Deluxe Cedar Purple Martin House Cedar Construction This 12 compartments deluxe house is as functional as it is attractive! Fastened together with screws and floors made from masonite make this house strong and durable. It weathers beautifully and (more ...)
Deluxe Cedar Purple Martin House

Fairy Cottage (Green) $79.99
Fairy Cottage in Green Uncommon Design Charming hanging birdhouse. This style has a durable nylon cord that allows easy movement. Kiln-dried hardwood construction with a removable back wall for easy cleaning. 11" H X 10" W X 9" D 7 pound package (more ...)
Fairy Cottage (Green)

Farm Architectural Bird House $219.99
The Farm House Enjoy Indoors or Out This classic country house has a rocking chair porch along with an adorable potted plant and a screen door. Designed to attract wrens, chickadees and titmice, this house features a single cavity, western red cedar (more ...)
Farm Architectural Bird House

Fly Reel Birdhouse $34.99
Fly Reel Birdhouse Unique Design Great detail on this Fly Reel Birdhouse. Includes ventilation and drainage holes, deep nesting chambers, clean-out doors and do not include predator perches. Made of hand painted resin, it can either be hung or wall (more ...)
Fly Reel Birdhouse

Garden Pavilion Birdhouse Small $79.99
Garden Pavilion Birdhouse Quality Craftsmanship The large format of the popular Garden Pavilion was inspired by a classic English Conservatory style greenhouse. This functional birdhouse features two separate nest boxes , floor-to-ceiling details on (more ...)
Garden Pavilion Birdhouse Small

Gingerbread Cottage With Bracket $90.99
Gingerbread Cottage with Bracket Quality Craftsmanship This classic Victorian styled birdhouse is a perennial best-seller. It's topped with pine shingles and has a removable back wall for easy cleaning. A front arch will provide a perfect perch for (more ...)
Gingerbread Cottage With Bracket

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Bird Houses