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Coralife Super Luft Air Pump SL-38

Coralife Luft High Pressure Air Pump The Coralife Luft High Pressure Air Pump is a great high output air pump that is ideal for multiple aquarium setups. This pump drives numerous airstones, air-driven aquarium filters and ornaments, and is the ideal air pump for high-resistance or multiple output applications. This high output air pump works with multiple aquarium setups and high-pressure/high-flow devices. Similar in design to larger high-capacity air pumps, this energy-efficient magnetic piston air pump is perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other aquarium devices. Features: 3/8"" outlet Includes adjustable 4-outlet metal valve and 6-outlet plastic valve that accept standard airline tubing Vibration dampening rubber feet 7 ft 8"" power cord Energy-efficient magnetic piston Removable air filter Heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum housing 3/8"" outlet. Adapters accept standard airline tubing Adjustable 4-outlet metal valve 4-outlet plastic diffuser for SL-38 and 6-outlet plastic diffuser for SL-65 Increases aquarium water movement and circulation Promotes proper gas exchange to minimize buildup of carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses Raises dissolved oxygen content of aquarium water to create a healthy environment Allows efficient biological filtration to take place by nourishing beneficial aerobic bacteria Helps maintain stable pH level by preventing acidic carbon dioxide buildup that can take place overnight Item Specifications SL-38: Output pressure: 2.9 PSI Output flow rate: 1.34 cubic feet/minute Wattage: 22W Dimensions: 5""L x 3""W x 4""H SL-54 Output pressure: 3.9 PSI Output flow rate: 2.3 cubic feet/minute Wattage: 66W Dimensions: 6""L x 4""W x 5""H

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Coralife Super Luft Air Pump SL-38

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Coralife Super Luft Air Pump SL-38