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TOM Stellar Air Pump Mini

TOM Stellar Air Pump Designed for noiseless and smooth operation, the TOM Stellar Air Pump is a top performing, heavy duty air pump. It is a technologically superior and well built air pump that fulfills most aquarium air needs. You can depend on this air pump to generate airflow and oxygenate your aquarium besides causing a stream of bubbles to provide a gorgeous display. It features strong, long lasting diaphragm, silicone flappers that ensure that your pump functions efficiently. This pump generates currents of air that cause bubbles in the water which besides oxygenating the fish keep water clean and healthy. This stellar air pump operates silently and gives many years of trouble-free service so you are not disturbed even if you keep your aquarium next to your bed. Product Features: Efficient and dependable air pump Ensures silent operation Strong and long lasting diaphragm Generates enough supply of oxygen for your fish Assures years of trouble-free operation Item Specifications: Capacity: 5-10 Gallons 10-20 Gallons 20-30 Gallons 30-40 Gallons Sizes: SMini S10 S20 S30 Dimension: 3.25"" L x 2"" W x 1.75"" H 3.75"" L x 2"" W x 2"" H 4.25"" L x 2.5"" W x 2.25"" H 4.75"" L x 2.5"" W x 2.25"" H

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TOM Stellar Air Pump Mini

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TOM Stellar Air Pump Mini