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Blue Ribbon Airstone 4In

Blue Ribbon Airstone The Blue Ribbon Airstone designed for easy aeration of your aquarium. It creates a wall of bubbles which supplies oxygen to your fish in the aquarium. This airstone is a perfect fit for your aquarium and it releases a large amount of bubbles with very little air pressure. Thousands of bubbles aerate the water and transport toxins from water near the substrate to the surface for easy dissipation. The dancing bubbles add a charming look to your aquarium, improve water quality and make it more hospitable for your aquarium creatures. Besides supplying oxygen for your fish to breathe, this air stone plays a vital role in maintaining an efficient biological filtration for your aquarium. Features: Great for general aeration Creates a wall of bubbles to supply oxygen to fish Ensures beauty of aquarium display Replenishes and maintains healthy oxygen level in aquarium Useful for maintaining biological filtration Item Specifications: Sizes: 4in 6in 12in Dimension: 4"" L x 1"" W x 1"" H 6"" L x 0.98"" W x 0.98"" H 12"" L x 0.75"" W x 0.75"" H

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Blue Ribbon Airstone 4In

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Blue Ribbon Airstone 4In