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API nexx Canister Filter Extension

API nexx Canister Filter The API nexx Canister Filter is an evolution in filtration and reigns supreme in set up and maintenance ease. It has the ability to add extensions to the filter in order to increase filtration capabilities. It delivers crystal clear water quality for your aquarium by using the size 4 Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge. The API nexx Canister Filter has superior filtration with no bypass. It comes with quick and easy three steps to media replacement in 4 minutes or less. The APP nexx does not need to be primed because the pump driving it is inside the tank. It has low energy consumption and can be used for up to 55 gallons of water. Features: Modern technology Superior in quality Easy to add extensions Supports 55 gallons of water Easy maintenance Item Specifications: Model Aquarium Size (Approx) Pump Output (Approx) Dimensions (LxWxH) Wattage # of Media Chambers EXTENSION 110 Gal (416.39 L) 153 GPH (579.16 LPH) 5.3"" L x 11.6"" W x 13.8"" H 11.5W 4 BASE 55 Gal (208.19 L) 132 GPH (500 LPH) 9.4"" L x 11.6"" W x 13.8"" H 11W 2 Operating Instruction: 1. BE SURE API(R) NEXX™ FILTER IS DISCONNECTED FROM POWER SOURCE BEFORE BEGINNING ASSEMBLY. Disengage the API(R) nexx™ FILTER canister from the base by first turning the yellow handle counter-clockwise as shown, then lifting it from the base. 2. Next, disengage the motor from the inlet and outlet pipes, as shown. 3. Drain all water from tubing and base. Remove hose clamps and hoses from outlet and inlet barbs after draining. 4. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the yellow plugs in place. Remove the plugs. 5. Use the two yellow connectors provided to join the bases of your original unit and your EXTENSION. 6. Once connected, turn the bases over and attach the connection plate to both bases, using your screw driver and the six provided screws. 7. VERY IMPORTANT - Block up the open port on the extension with your 2 yellow plugs. Attach with screws. 8. Reattach hoses to ports on the original base, and secure them with your hose clamps. Then, reattach the canisters to the joined bases. 9. Turn the handles of the canisters clockwise to lock them to the bases. 10. Now the motor can be reattached to the inlet and outlet pipes, and plugged in to start filtration.

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API nexx Canister Filter Extension

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API nexx Canister Filter Extension