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AquaClear Aquarium Power Head 20

Hagen AquaClear Aquarium Power Head Adding a powerhead to an undergravel system increases water flow through a gravel substrate and improves its filtering efficiency. It also oxygenates water and, in the process, provides needed oxygen to colonies of beneficial bacteria in the gravel which optimizes their biological filtration capabilities. Features: Easily fitted to most undergravel systems Comes equipped with tapered riser stem adapter which accepts 0.5"" to 1.125"" tubing Optional suction cup bracket allows unit to hang from aquarium wall Can be connected to drive protein skimmers, which are essential devices for most marine aquariums Creates additional currents which provide freshwater tanks with cleaner water conditions Easily hidden and provides highly beneficial currents The most advanced water pump technology makes the AquaClear Power Head truly quiet Adjustable flow control (available on all models except 110) Item Specifications: Maximum Output: Model 10: 80 Gallons Model 20: 126 Gallons Model 30: 174 Gallons Model 110: 935 Gallons Maximum Aquarium Capacity: Model 10: 10 Gallons Model 20: 20 Gallons Model 30: 30 Gallons Model 110: 100 Gallons and Up

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AquaClear Aquarium Power Head 20

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AquaClear Aquarium Power Head 20