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Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'

Westcountry Nurseries Lupinus, Lewisia, Hellebore, Clematis, cyclamen, acers, lavender, select perennials, grasses, ferns & climbers. Nat. Collection of Lupins.

Whitehill Farm Nursery Grasses & bamboos, less common shrubs & perennials. Some available in small quantities only.

Wisley Plant Centre (RHS) Over 10,000 plants, many rare or unusual, reflecting the range of the RHS flagship garden at Wisley. Plants subject to seasonal availability. For plants not in stock, we operate a reservation service.

Withleigh Nurseries Shrubs & herbaceous.

Miscanthus 'Sin Yaku Jima'

Specimen Trees Wholesale Nurseries, Ltd. Evergreens

Miscanthus 'Spartina'

Apple Court Hemerocallis, Hosta, grasses & ferns.

Miscanthus 'Super Stripe'

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Grasses-Ornamental

Emerald Coast Growers Daylilies

Newhouse Nursery Daylilies

Walters Gardens, Inc. Daylilies

Wavecrest Nursery Evergreens

Miscanthus - Maiden Grass

Duran Plant Farm & Nursery, Inc. Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Duran Plant Farm & Nursery, Inc.® plants.

Epps' Nursery, Inc Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Epps' Nursery, Inc® plants.

Lucky Tree Farm, Inc. Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Lucky Tree Farm, Inc.® plants.

Mack Bros Landscape Nursery Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Mack Bros Landscape Nursery® plants.

Vargas Nursery Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Vargas Nursery® plants.

Barnsdale Gardens Wide range of choice & unusual garden plants. Over 160 varieties of Penstemon, over 250 varieties of Hemerocallis.

Miscanthus s. 'Dixieland'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
A dwarf form of Miscanthus s. 'Variegatus' with very similar green and white variegated foliage but a shorter, more compact growth habit. This selection will not need staking like its taller cousin. It provides a strong white element to the

Miscanthus s. 'Gracillimus'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Very similar to Graziella. Slender and upright blades; blooms bronze-red in October and age to a silvery white.

Miscanthus s. 'Graziella'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Stiff upright blades that turn copper-red in the fall; nice, soft- white seed heads.

Miscanthus s. 'Morning Light'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Finely textured, variegated leaves turn gold in the fall. Feathery plumes emerge with a red tint and age to soft white. Does will at pond's edge and containers.

Miscanthus s. 'Sieberfeder'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Large feathery plumes emerge in late summer. Blades wider than 'Gracillimus' with white center stripe. Leaves arch downward so give this lots of room to grow.

Miscanthus s. 'Strictus'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Upright green blades with yellow horizontal bands; nice bronze seed head. More upright than Zebra grass. Needs a long hot summer (zone 6 does well) to produce pinkish copper plumes. Reddish tan in the winter.

Miscanthus s. ‘Cabaret

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
Broad green leaves with wide cream colored stripes.

Miscanthus 'Giganteus'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)
Grass - Giant Chinese Silver, Miscanthus 'Giganteus', is a large perennial grass (it can grow up to 13 feet in height) and lends a tropical effect to any landscape. The flowers start as red clusters, mature to white and then dry and persist into

Miscanthus 'Little Kitten'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)
The Ornamental Grass 'Little Kitten', 'Miscanthus 'Little Kitten', is one ornamental grass that cannot be missed. Being similar to a cat's tongue, this Miscanthus forms a foliage clump to only 15"" tall. The pointed, narrow leaves are showy, with

Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'

Big Dipper Farm Growers of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs, ferns and herbs. Research over 3,000 plants on our website. (1 product)
Flame grass is a medium sized slow spreading that reaches 5’ in bloom. Very silvery plumes make an outstanding shimmering display when back or side-lit. Well known for its beautiful deep red-brown fall color. Grow in full sun and moist soil.

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