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Sweet pea


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Sweet pea seeds : Pink Cupid

Thompson & Morgan Herbs
A lovely way to bring the delightful fragrance of sweet peas closer to home, grown in baskets or containers. Attractive pink and white bicolored blooms on naturally neat and compact plants, create a wonderful display in early summer. Specially

Sweet pea Bouquet Blend

Big Dipper Farm Growers of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs, ferns and herbs. Research over 3,000 plants on our website. (1 product)
SEEDS - Botanical Interests - Annual Blooms in spring. 5' - 6' vines. Full sun. 'Bouquet Blend' was bred to make beautiful cut flowers. 1.5'' to 2.5'' blooms with a wide range of colors in shades of purple, rose, white, pink, blue, scarlet,

Sweet pea Perfume Delight

Big Dipper Farm Growers of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs, ferns and herbs. Research over 3,000 plants on our website. (1 product)
SEEDS - Botanical Interests - Blooms from spring to early summer. 5'-6' vine. Full sun. 3/4'' - 1'' vibrant colors of purple, red, rose, white, pink, blue, scarlet, cream, and salmon. Very fragrant old-fashioned scent. This is a more

Sweet pea seeds : America

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
An attractive red and white striped heirloom dating back to 1896. This small flowered variety has the strongest of fragrances, and makes a spectacular cut flowerIdeal for growing up a trellis, a wig-wam of canes or an obelisk in a container.

Sweet pea seeds : Antique Fantasy Mixed

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
Some of the colorful oldies upon whose intoxicating and outstanding fragrance the fame of the sweet pea was built. They grow vigorously and their strong stems are source of an endless supply of cut flowers. The variety of color is hard to equal.

Sweet pea seeds : Apricot Sprite

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
A tremendous new Sweet Pea in the very unusual and attractive shade of glowing apricot. This exclusive variety is superb in the garden, makes a marvellous cut flower and is a talking point for the show bench. Superb for arches, trellises, obelisks,

Sweet pea seeds : Astronaut Mixed

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
After many years of selection, T&M's flower breeders are delighted to offer the first ever Sweet Pea that does not produce tendrils. This means that all the vigor is put into producing long stems of large, high quality, lightly fragrant blooms, in a

Sweet pea seeds : Blue Ripple

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
A marvellous variety for either the garden or bouquet, with unusual blooms featuring a gentle blue rippling on a soft cream ground. The delicious fragrance and strong performance make this sweet pea a must for every garden. Prefers a well-drained

Sweet pea seeds : Blue Velvet

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
An amazing color. Excellent quality, large, lightly fragrant, deep blue-velvet blooms, so dark they almost look black shimmering in the summer sunshine. An intriguing border cut flower, ideal for exhibition.

Sweet pea seeds : Collection

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
Collection comprises one packet each of:AppleblossomChatsworthFirecrestSouthborne Zorija RoseWhite SupremeFor a full description and sowing & growing instructions please refer to each plant's individual listing.

Sweet pea seeds : Cream Southbourne

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)
In T&M's opinion, Sweet Pea seed Cream Southbourne is the best cream variety available. Luscious, large, frilled blooms on long stems with a fantastic fragrance too.

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