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Bird Bath

Are you a bird watcher? Throughout the year, birds offer fascinating glimpses into how they survive and interact with one another. But how often do we take the time to observe our feathered neighbors? Secret Lives of Common Birds by Marie Read, explores the world of bird behavior from the backyard and local parks to nearby ponds and woodlands. To survive, to eat, to mate, to live, a bird relies heavily on its sense of vision. Because sight is so important to them, birds have highly developed eyes, even more so than humans in many aspects. Look closely sometimes at the eyes of hawks or owls and notice how large they are in proportion to their head, much larger in proportion than human eyes Backyardgardener is the World’s Largest Gardening Store.

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All-Season No-Waste Seed $14.95
Suits most birds' appetites! 10 lb bag.
All-Season No-Waste Seed

Bird Bath Cleaner $14.95
Keep your water feature free of the mineral deposits and organic residue that tend to build up in bird baths and ponds, lowering their water quality.
Bird Bath Cleaner

Bird Grub Feeder $19.95
An economical feeder that is constructed of heavy, UV-resistant plastic.
Bird Grub Feeder

Bluebird Banquet $9.95
Bluebird Banquet is an ideal supplemental food source year-round.
Bluebird Banquet

Break-Apart Bluebird Diner $42.95
This excellent bluebird feeder is designed so that you can take it apart easily for cleaning.
Break-Apart Bluebird Diner

Dried Fruit Tenders™ Mixture for Birds $11.95
Offering fruit is an ideal way to attract insect-feeding songbirds that may not normally visit your seed feeders.
Dried Fruit Tenders™ Mixture for Birds

Hi-Vitality Crumbles $12.95
Now your backyard birds can enjoy their favorite food in an easy-to-eat palletized form.
Hi-Vitality Crumbles

Hi-VitalityTM Stix $8.95
New! These easy-to-use Stix were specially created for use with Nature's Feeder.
Hi-Vitality<small><sup>TM</small></sup> Stix

Hi-Vitality™ Coconut Feeder $12.95
Attracts woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals and more.
Hi-Vitality™ Coconut Feeder

Hummer Station $17.95
This station can be enjoyed by more hummingbirds than any other feeder. You'll have dozens of these flitting flyers to watch.
Hummer Station

Mason Bee Nest $44.95
Believe it or not, there’s a kind of bee that is up to 90% more efficient at pollinating plants than honeybees! Plus, it doesn’t sting.
Mason Bee Nest

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Bird Bath