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Bird Bath

Are you a bird watcher? Throughout the year, birds offer fascinating glimpses into how they survive and interact with one another. But how often do we take the time to observe our feathered neighbors? Secret Lives of Common Birds by Marie Read, explores the world of bird behavior from the backyard and local parks to nearby ponds and woodlands. To survive, to eat, to mate, to live, a bird relies heavily on its sense of vision. Because sight is so important to them, birds have highly developed eyes, even more so than humans in many aspects. Look closely sometimes at the eyes of hawks or owls and notice how large they are in proportion to their head, much larger in proportion than human eyes Backyardgardener is the World’s Largest Gardening Store.

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Nature's Feeder w/ Hi-Vitalityâ„¢ Dough $27.95
Birds will feel at home on this natural wood feeder log.
Nature's Feeder w/ Hi-Vitalityâ„¢ Dough

Nature's Feeder with Hi-Vitality Stix $24.95
Birds will feel at home on this natural wood feeder log.
Nature's Feeder with Hi-Vitality Stix

Original No-Waste Bird Seed $17.95
Top-quality blend of the four seeds most preferred by wild birds. Includes sunflower meats, white proso millet, cracked corn, peanuts. 10 lb bag.
Original No-Waste Bird Seed

Peanuts in Shell Feeder $29.95
Many birds, like kids, love to crack open peanut shells to get the tasty, nutritious kernels inside. Your family will enjoy watching the action. Makes a great gift.
Peanuts in Shell Feeder

Premium Bird Netting $34.95
Durable, long-lasting bird netting traps less birds!
Premium Bird Netting

Pumpkin Seed for Wildlife $7.95
High-energy food for animals and many birds, too. Has more than four times the protein of corn!
Pumpkin Seed for Wildlife

Redi-Mealâ„¢ Mealworms $14.95
Dried mealworms make an excellent highprotein treat for your insect-loving birds.
Redi-Mealâ„¢ Mealworms

Shelled Peanuts $19.95
Peanuts are sure to attract cardinals, nuthatches, thrashers, kinglets and a host of others. 10 lb bag.
Shelled Peanuts

Single Suet Basket With Roof $17.95
Birds that eat your garden insects in summer often have a hard time finding food in the colder months. Offer them suet in this unique suet basket.
Single Suet Basket With Roof

Slim Line Feeder $16.95
Plastic-coated wire of the Slim Line Feeder protects the bird eyes and has 1 inch mesh on both sides so they can readily get the suet. Top bar slides up to fill easily with one suet cake.
Slim Line Feeder

Starter Bat House $32.95
This three-chambered bat house gives numerous bats room to roost and hibernate.
Starter Bat House

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Bird Bath