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Compost Accessories

Composting Kitchen waste is a must. There is no other better way to improve your soil than with compost. Let us show you the tools to get the job done! We have composters that are easy to use and easy to store when they are not in use. You should begin by separating the decomposable waste from the plastic, metal and glass items. Once you have done this you will learn the best tricks of gardening and composting by asking questions about our composters and accessories. Every one loves the smell and the rich black look of a garden soil that has been composted and tilled well. Backyardgardener is the largest gardening store in the world. The nutrients will absorb into th rich black earth and support a variety of flavorful produce the following growing season. Many people are reluctant to compost because they have not had success keeping and storing kitchen waste for long periods of time. It is something that takes a bit of thought and planning to insure the best results with the least amount of spillage and mess. Our composters are neat and will provide the necessary conditions for returning nutrients back to your garden soil.

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Compost Aerator $24.95
You won't find a better-designed compost aerator anywhere. It has not one, but two sets of "wings" that fold back to plunge deep into the pile, then open to create new air passages. A must-have accessory for any composter. 8" wide x 36" long (more ...)
Compost Aerator

Compost Success Kit $39.95
Compost Success Kit includes seven bricks of carbon-rich Eco-co® Coir to balance nitrogen-rich kitchen scraps, plus one bag of Super Hot?? Compost Starter to speed decomposition. Coir is the perfect ???brown??? to layer with nitrogen-rich (more ...)
Compost Success Kit

Compost Thermometer $24.95
Does your compost pile get hot enough? This 19" stainless steel probe makes it easy to monitor temperatures at the center of your pile so you know when it???s ready to turn — and when it's ready to use. Stainless steel 19" L overall (more ...)
Compost Thermometer

Eco-co® Coir Bricks, Pack of 12 $29.95
Kitchen scraps, lawn clippings and garden waste are the nitrogen-rich "green matter??? in a compost pile. For efficient composting, they need to be balanced with carbon-rich "brown matter.??? Each of these compact bricks of all-natural coconut fiber (more ...)
Eco-co® Coir Bricks, Pack of 12

Rodent Screen $24.95
Gardeners like you helped our R&D team design a better rodent screen — one with a tighter mesh, no sharp edges and a baked-on powder-coating so it won't rust. Powder-coated, rigid wire mesh with metal trim casing 24" square (more ...)
Rodent Screen

Steel Compost Sieve $21.95
With a powder-coated steel frame and reinforced mesh bottom, this rugged sifter quickly separates uncomposted material from finished "black gold". It's even tough enough to screen sticks and stones out of garden soil. Powder-coated steel 13" (more ...)
Steel Compost Sieve

Super Hot® Compost Starter $19.95
We've reformulated our Super Hot® Compost Starter to give you even better results from your compost pile. The high-energy blend of nitrogen-rich ingredients and hungry microorganisms produces finished compost in record time. Comes in a handy, (more ...)
Super Hot® Compost Starter

Compost Accessories