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Compost Pails

Our Compost Pails are exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you purchase any Compost Pails item, the profits generated is used to assist our employee’s education fund. Honestly! Backyardgardener is the largest gardening store in the world. We are constantly expanding to bring you everything for your growing needs. We carry everything from top to bottom; indoors and outdoors, home lifestyles to automotive, equipment & tools. Our primary focus is in gardening products and plants & trees, but we’ve added sports and outdoors to continually grow. The Compost Pails products are only one part of our product list.

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Brushed Stainless Steel Compost Pail $29.95
The perfect match for today???s sleek, modern kitchen, this pail is also extremely practical. Stainless steel won???t take on the odors or colors of onions, garlic and other pungent food scraps. It easily rinses clean and is dishwasher-safe, too. (more ...)
Brushed Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Carbon Filters for the Odor-Free Compost Pail, Set of 3 $6.95
These easy-to-replace carbon filters are for use in the Odor-Free Compost Pail so you can collect kitchen waste for your compost pile without attracting fruit flies. Filters are 3-1/2" square
Carbon Filters for the Odor-Free Compost Pail, Set of 3

Compost Container $0.00
Our newest stoneware crock???s sleek, modern aesthetic enhances its ingenious functionality. The white pitcher-like base has a side handle for one-hand pouring into your compost bin. The colorful, removable outer sleeve brightens your counter top (more ...)
Compost Container

Farmhouse Compost Pail $29.95
This 1-1/2 gallon (6-quart) capacity compost pail adds farmhouse charm to any kitchen. A deep lid creates a tight seal, and a 5-1/2" carbon filter keeps odors at bay. Bail handle makes it easy to carry out to the compost bin. Powder-coated steel (more ...)
Farmhouse Compost Pail

Green Cycler Pre-Composter $119.00
This hand-operated, self-contained shredder chops food scraps into small pieces so they compost faster and more uniformly. Its compact, flat-back design means it can sit on the countertop or underneath most kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel blades (more ...)
Green Cycler Pre-Composter

Green Stoneware Compost Crock $29.95
No one will guess this handsome crock is collecting food scraps for composting, so you can keep it right on the kitchen counter. An activated charcoal filter in the lid traps odors, and it???s dishwasher-safe, too. Made of glazed ceramic, the crock (more ...)
Green Stoneware Compost Crock

Replacement Compost Crock Filters, Set of 2 $4.95
Charcoal filters help control odors from food scraps stored in the Stoneware Compost Crock. 4-1/2" diameter
Replacement Compost Crock Filters, Set of 2

Rustic Compost Crock $29.95
Red metal compost pail adds a vintage vibe and a convenient spot for collecting kitchen scraps for composting. Durable, powder-coated steel with a bail handle and wooden grip. Includes a 5-1/2" carbon filter to control odors. Powder-coated (more ...)
Rustic Compost Crock

Compost Pails