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Rescue® Stink Bug Trap

Guard your home and garden against invasive Asian stink bugs with this safe and effective trap. Outdoors, stink bugs feed on garden crops and fruit trees. When the weather cools, they enter homes looking for a warm place to hibernate. Hang this trap outdoors in spring and summer, and the pheromone attractant lures the insects into the trap. The trap is 15-1/2" H and includes 2-week supply of outdoor attractant, which is effective over a 20' radius. The Rescue® Stink Bug Attractant refill, sold separately, contains a 7-week supply. To use the trap indoors, attach the Rescue® Stink Bug Light Attachment, sold separately. Its specialized LED lights are just the right color and intensity to lure the insects to the trap indoors. Includes power cord. Also comes with a convenient battery pack for use in places without access to electricity. Requires two AA batteries, not included. Plastic trap; pheromone lure 5-1/2" W x 15-1/2" H Includes 2-week supply of outdoor attractant Light attachment for indoor use sold separately and requires two AA batteries, not included

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Rescue® Stink Bug Trap

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Rescue® Stink Bug Trap