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Premium Edition Beer Kit

This Mr. Beer Kit includes everything you need to brew two gallons of crisp, sparkling and refreshing pale ale in as little as 14 days. Light in color and body, this beer is a true American microbrewery favorite. It carbonates naturally in the bottles and has an alcohol content of about 3.7%. The lightweight, reusable, shatter-resistant fermenter has a built-in air lock, easy-pour tap, and wide mouth for easy cleanup. The kit also includes 8 reusable, 1-liter bottlers with caps and labels, plus 1-step sanitizing cleanser and easy-to-follow instructions. 2-gallon reusable fermenter with tap made from FDA-compliant plastic 8 reusable PET plastic, 1-liter bottles with screw caps and labels Hopped malt extract and yeast 1-step, no-rinse sanitizing cleaner

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Premium Edition Beer Kit

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Premium Edition Beer Kit