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Houseplant Pest Controls

Our Houseplant Pest Controls are exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you purchase any Houseplant Pest Controls item, the profits generated is used to assist our employee’s education fund. Honestly! Backyardgardener is the largest gardening store in the world. We are constantly expanding to bring you everything for your growing needs. We carry everything from top to bottom; indoors and outdoors, home lifestyles to automotive, equipment & tools. Our primary focus is in gardening products and plants & trees, but we’ve added sports and outdoors to continually grow. The Houseplant Pest Controls products are only one part of our product list.

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Whitefly Traps $5.95
These sticky insect traps will attract and capture whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips and other pests in gardens, greenhouses and around potted houseplants. Once the card is covered with insects, replace it with a fresh one. Set includes nine (more ...)
Whitefly Traps

Houseplant Pest Controls