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Predascent for Moles/Voles

Moles and voles??? Predascent banishes your most frustrating garden pests. Just moisten the gel capsules and spread them 3-1/2 feet apart to create a perimeter around your garden. Odorless to humans, animals will smell predator urine and run for their lives. Unsure what???s causing the problem? Use our Pest & Disease Detective! Protect your garden from moles and voles Safe and easy to use 20 capsules per box make an 80-foot perimeter, or cover 750 square feet Protection lasts 4 to 5 weeks Rain or watering actually increases effectiveness Agricultural polymer with predator urine 20 capsules per box Makes an 80' perimeter barrier or covers 750 sq. ft. Lasts 4-5 weeks

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Predascent for Moles/Voles

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Predascent for Moles/Voles