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Fairfield Patio Planter

Dress up your landscape with these elegant, self-watering planters. They are rather tall planters at 28" high, adding some drama to your patio. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But, unlike wooden planters these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these planters have a 15-year guarantee against fading. They have built-in reservoirs to supply a slow, steady supply of water to plants — just what plants need for healthy, stress-free growth. UV-protected polyethylene 15-3/4" square at top x 28" H Interior sub-floor may be removed for larger plants or trees Holds 50 quarts of container mix if sub-floor is removed Holds 32 quarts when sub-floor is left in place.

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Fairfield Patio Planter

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Fairfield Patio Planter