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1 Jet Fogger with Transformer

1 Jet Fogger With Transformer Creates an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery with the free-flowing fog created by this Jet Fogger with Transformer. Elegant, subtle, fun or plain whimsical! Our range of garden ornaments can instantly spruce up your outdoor settings. Liven it up with flowers and plants, or lend the much-needed variety and texture to an already beautiful space with our collections of fountains, bird feeders and garden sculptures. So, if you're looking for beautiful outdoor accessories, we've got it all! Product Features: No need for chemicals. It has a brass coated disk. Item Specifications: Dimensions: 2"" L x 2"" W x 2"" H Weight: 2.2 lbs Warranty: Manufacturer provides 1 year limited warranty

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1 Jet Fogger with Transformer

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1 Jet Fogger with Transformer