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Ultimate Bat House

Ultimate Bat House Quality Craftsmanship Give bats a comfortable home using the Heath Bat House. This shelter features a single chamber which can hold a dozen or more bats. The chamber depth of 1.38"" combines with a 3.5"" landing platform, creating the perfect sized home for a small group of bats. A 0.38"" ventilation gap across the front ensures proper air circulation and ventilation within the abode. This home is crafted from cedar, and is most effective when mounted approximately 15 feet above the ground facing the south or southeast. The hardy wood construction of the Heath Bat House will withstand several seasons and make a cozy home for your bats. Can House up to 25 Bats! Meets Bat Conservation International Guidelines Weathers beautifully Hang or mount on a Pole! 11.5""W x 2.5""D x 16.25""H Ships Quickly!

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Ultimate Bat House

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Ultimate Bat House