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API Solar Water Wiggler

API Solar Water Wiggler Prevent stagnant water formation in the bird bath with the API Solar Water Wiggler that is smartly designed for a lasting use. Our collection of beautiful bird baths and related products are innovatively designed to take care of your favorite birds. Apart from serving the purpose of providing them water to drink and bathe, these also enhance the appeal of your outdoor space. Made from high quality materials, these bird baths and equipments offer lasting performance. Bring one home, and your little feathered friends are sure to flock around more in your backyard! Product Features: Moving water attracts birds. Features a unique agitator action that creates continuous ripples. Agitator action prevents the spread of West Nile Virus by eliminating stagnant water in birdbaths. Wiggler runs 24/7.

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API Solar Water Wiggler

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API Solar Water Wiggler