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3 in 1 Platform Feeder

Audubon 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder Sturdy & Easy to Clean Treat your backyard birds to their favorite seed with the incredibly versatile Audubon 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder. This feeder combines rustic beauty with unmatched practical function to feed a flock of your feathered friends in any of three different ways. The open, fly-through design of the 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder allows all birds to feed comfortably whether the feeder is used as a hanging feeder, ground feeder, or mounted on top of a pole. Offer mealworms, fruit, nuts, suet, seed, and virtually anything else on the generous 11.5"" x 11.5"" screen feeding platform. The screen feeding platform will hold 2 quarts of anything you wish to feed. The metal screen provides excellent drainage to keep feed dry and fresh. The feeder's open design makes cleaning or adding feed quick and convenient. The 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder is handcrafted from durable cedar that will add a rustic elegance to your birding haven for years to come. This feeder may be hung by the coated wire hanger and hook, stand on the included collapsible wooden legs, or mounted to any pole using a mounting adapter (not included) attached to the 3.5"" board on the underneath side of the feeder. Made in the USA. Birds That Use This Feeder Cardinals Chickadees Finches Goldfinches Grackles Flickers Grosbeaks Juncos Titmice Redpolls Kinglets Mockingbirds Wrens Siskins Sparrows Jays Nuthatches Woodpeckers Type of Seed or Feed Options Cracked Corn Sunflower Seed Safflower Seed Peanut chunks Mixed Seed Sunflower Kernel Bird Feeder Details Feed Capacity 2. Quarts Dimensions 13"" square x 3.5""H Mounting Hang Weight 6 Pounds Material Wood, Metal Feeding Ports Communal Ships Quickly!

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3 in 1 Platform Feeder

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3 in 1 Platform Feeder