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Birdola Big Ol Kob Squirrel Cake

Birdola Big Ol' Kob Squirrel Feed Let's face it, squirrels can always find their way into a bird feeder. Birola has decided ""if you can't beat them, join them"". They created a food specifically for squirrels in hopes they invade the bird feeder less frequently. Made of whole corn, black oil sunflower seeds and peanuts, squirrels will love this corn cake. The Big Ol' Kob contains embedded grommet for attaching to Birdola's Squirrel Bungee (sold separateley), but it can also be used with standard spike feeders. Features: Use with Squirrel Bungee to watch the bouncing antics of the furry creatures Equivalent to 8 cobs of corn Will also attract songbirds who feed on sunflower seeds and nuts Item Specifications: Dimensions: 3.6""L x 3.5""W x 7.75""H Size: 2lb 3oz Ingredients: Corn, Peanuts, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Gelatin Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 11% Crude Fat Min 6% Crude Fiber Max 3%

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Birdola Big Ol Kob Squirrel Cake

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Birdola Big Ol Kob Squirrel Cake