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Alcyon Bird House Cobalt Blue

Alcyon Bird House Elegant, Sturdy Construction At first glance, they are beautiful and unique, but a more inquisitive look reveals that these bird houses are very functional as well. They are designed to attract a number of secondary cavity nesters such as Wrens, Chickadees, smaller Flycatchers and even some Warblers. The porcelain is an excellent material to help regulate the extremes of temperature and provide a durable, beautiful home for birds. The porcelain is durable enough to handle the elements from summer heat to rain and the subfreezing temperatures of a cold spring night. Features: Beautiful addition to your outdoor garden Can be hung on mounted on vertical a surface Bottom screws out for easy cleaning Choose from 2 colors below 6.5 diameter x 8.5 tall Weight: 2 lbs Ships Quickly!

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Alcyon Bird House Cobalt Blue

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Alcyon Bird House Cobalt Blue