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Baroque Birdhouse

Baroque Birdhouse Exemplifying finesse and perfection, this Baroque Birdhouse lends a look of grandiose to your garden with its stunning design. The antique baroque style patterns adorning the birdhouse box transform the design to a work of art and a wonderful decor accent. Delicate scroll and paneled design on the roof lends finishing touches to the exotic-looking design. Made from century old barn timber, this sturdy birdhouse is lacquered with a bird-safe marine varnish for added durability. This handcrafted birdhouse is perfect for bird lovers and attracts small birds like chickadees, nuthatches, titmouse's, wrens, etc. Drainage and ventilation holes on the box keep interiors clean and comfortable at all times. Features: Lends a look of grandiose with this birdhouse Antique baroque style patterns on birdhouse Scroll and paneled design on birdhouse roof This birdhouse is made from old barn timber The birdhouse is perfect for bird lovers Birdhouse has drainage and ventilation holes Item Specifications: Material: Wood Type: Chickadee, Nuthatch and Wren Shape: Free Standing and Mounted Category: Birdhouses Style: Church Dimensions: 14"" L x 14"" W x 18"" H Weight: 145.6 Ounce

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Baroque Birdhouse

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Baroque Birdhouse