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English Cottage Birdhouse

English Cottage Birdhouse This English Cottage Birdhouse is designed with fine attention to details to offer a perfect combination of finesse and functionality. Handcrafted using solid century old barn timber, this birdhouse is impeccably designed to resemble a charming English cottage. The rustic design and delicate detailing add to the visual appeal of the birdhouse and augment decor aesthetics as well. Lavished with a weathered finish, this birdhouse has bird-safe marine varnish which enhances the durability of the design. The birdhouse has a removable roof to make cleaning convenient while the ventilation holes keep interiors airy. An antique laundry pin perch discourage predators with its low placement on the box. Features: The Birdhouse combines finesse and functionality The design resembles an English cottage Rustic design and delicate detailing on the birdhouse The birdhouse is lavished with a weathered finish Removable birdhouse roof makes cleaning convenient Ventilation holes in birdhouse keep interiors airy Item Specifications: Material: Wood Type: Chickadee, Nuthatch, Wren Shape: Mounted Category: Birdhouses Style: Cottage Dimensions: 14"" L x 14"" W x 14"" H Weight: 145.6 Ounce

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English Cottage Birdhouse

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English Cottage Birdhouse