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Animal Repellents

Our Animal Repellents are exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you purchase any Animal Repellents item, the profits generated is used to assist our employee’s education fund. Honestly! Backyardgardener is the largest gardening store in the world. We are constantly expanding to bring you everything for your growing needs. We carry everything from top to bottom; indoors and outdoors, home lifestyles to automotive, equipment & tools. Our primary focus is in gardening products and plants & trees, but we’ve added sports and outdoors to continually grow. The Animal Repellents products are only one part of our product list.

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Bird Barricade Deluxe 14 X14Ft. $39.95
Bird Barricade Netting Keep Trees Safe From Birds Dewitt has designed this netting to inhibit all kinds of intruders. Initially designed to keep out birds, this netting has proven to be effective in preventing insects and bugs from infiltrating your (more ...)
Bird Barricade Deluxe 14 X14Ft.

Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel 12 pack $81.55
Proven & Guaranteed to Drive Birds Away Keep their normal roosting areas an Gel Liquid sure-fire, non-toxic, non-lethal repellent Bird-X. Harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry ornamental metals, can protect property messy bird deposits for a (more ...)
Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel 12 pack

Bird Proof Bird Repellent Liquid Gallon $51.95
Proven & Guaranteed to Drive Birds Away (more ...)
Bird Proof Bird Repellent Liquid Gallon

Bird-X Peller Pro $216.70
Bird-X Peller Pro The ""BirdXPeller Pro"" electronic bird repeller expels birds by blasting them with sound waves. This bird deterring unit automatically broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls to (more ...)
Bird-X Peller Pro

Broad Band Pro $701.20
Programmable sonic/ultrasonic species-specific repeller includes three visual devices Get rid of the most stubborn bird infestations with the most complete, comprehensive, and multi-faceted approach Use with full ultrasonic and sonic capabilities, (more ...)
Broad Band Pro

Coyote Replica 3D $59.95
Life-like, full-size menacing predator 3D Coyote Decoy rids an area of disease-carrying Canada geese Safe, humane, and effective Works without the use of dangerous chemicals Lifelike furry tail changes positions in the slightest breeze Provides (more ...)
Coyote Replica 3D

CritterBlaster Pro $528.65
CritterBlaster Pro Proven & Guaranteed to Drive Birds Away How it Works BirdXPeller PRO features birds' distress cries on a microchip (supplied by a major American university). The birds perceive danger when they hear these sounds. They become (more ...)
CritterBlaster Pro

Deer Gard $45.95
Silent deer repeller Electronic Pest Deer Repeller Built-in infrared motion sensor activates when pests move into the repeller's coverage zone Continuous or motion-sensor operation settings Adjustable frequency for other pests Easy to install - (more ...)
Deer Gard

Fruit Shield $107.90
Biodegradable food-grade repellent spray for fruit FruitShield repels birds from fruit trees and bushes The active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate, is made from a constituent of Concord grapes, and has been used for decades by the food and drug (more ...)
Fruit Shield

Gator Guard Bird Repeller $53.95
Gator Guard Bird Repeller No Fishing Allowed! Life-sized floating replica of an alligator head, 25 threatening inches long, scares geese, ducks, fish-eating birds and small animals from the water areas they love, without spoiling the look of your (more ...)
Gator Guard Bird Repeller

Goose Stopper Concentrate Quart $41.95
Goose Stopper Easy To Apply This product is all natural, organic, and proven effective for preventing goose damage and droppings. Works by taste and smell, creating an area geese will avoid. Dries clear and odor free and will not burn turf areas. It (more ...)
Goose Stopper Concentrate Quart

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Animal Repellents