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Bird-X Peller Pro

Bird-X Peller Pro The ""BirdXPeller Pro"" electronic bird repeller expels birds by blasting them with sound waves. This bird deterring unit automatically broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls to frighten, confuse, and disorient birds within its effective range. These high definition digital recordings are played on loudspeakers to ensure that the message gets across to pest birds:""Keep Out!"" When birds encounter dangerous situations or spot a predator, they let out very specific distress and alarm calls to notify other birds that the area is not safe. The BirdXPeller Pro rebroadcasts naturally recorded versions of these sounds to create an environment that is not only unfriendly for pest birds, but gives the impression that it would be life-threatening for the birds to occupy the area. Because of this, birds will not linger for long when the BirdXPeller is operating. Features: Installs Easily: Mount it nearly anywhere Continuous Operation: Repels birds with 24/7, day-only, or night-only modes Variable Frequencies: Attacks different birds with different settings Weatherproof: Sleek, weatherproof casing is designed to withstand years of outdoor use Real Sounds: High Quality Digital playback of naturally recorded bird distress & alarm sounds. Maintenance-Free: When installed properly, no ongoing maintenance is required No Moving Parts: No mechanical repairs needed Warranty: BirdXPeller features a 6-month Manufacturer's Warranty Guaranteed: All Bird-X electronics units come with a Manufacturer's 30-Day money-back guarantee Item Specifications: Dimensions: 6"" x 9"" x 4"" Shipping Weight: 4 pounds Power Req's: 110 or 220vAC or 12vDC Sound Pressure: 105-110 db @ 1 Meter Frequency: 3-5 kHz Compliance: UL and CE listed. EPA EST: 075310-OR-001 Coverage: Up to one acre Possible Usage: Outdoor areas, front or back yards, private homes, parks, open canopies, awnings, eves, sheds, rooftops, parking lots, fields, car lots, buildings, warehouses, docks, much more What Will it Repel: Pigeons Crows Sparrows Starling Seagulls Grackles Cormorants Vultures Rodents Other Pests

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Bird-X Peller Pro

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Bird-X Peller Pro