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Bayer Brush Killer Plus Quart

Bayer Kudzu Killer Plus Finally a Way to Kill Kudzu Kudzu has claimed seven million acres of land in the Southeastern United States and is currently consuming 120,000 acres per year. Kudzu can spread one foot per day, killing everything in its path. Kudzu infested land becomes unusable. Natural habitats that support bio-diversity, wildlife, recreational use and natural beauty are lost and community pride can suffer as a result. False Perceptions & How Our Kudzu Killer Works Often nothing is done to confront kudzu's rapid spread and destruction, simply because of a false perception that kudzu can't be killed. One Application Kills poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu and other tough brush problems down to the roots. Also kills stumps. Safe to use around homes, cabins, buildings, fences, walkways, trails and wooded areas. Our selective systemic herbicide enters plants through their leaves, green or cut woody shoots, and roots then moves throughout the plant and interferes with processes found only in plants. Visual symptoms, such as wilting and yellowing, appear in 1 to 6 weeks. The special penetrating formula kills down to the roots Special Penetrating Formula Kills the Toughest Vines and Woody Plants Kills Roots and All Begins to Work in 1-3 Days Rainproof in Hours 1 Gallon Treats up to 500 sq. ft Qt. Concentrate Makes up to 8 Gallons of Spray Ships Quickly!

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Bayer Brush Killer Plus Quart

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Bayer Brush Killer Plus Quart