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Cattail Birdbath Double

Cattail Birdbath Invite Birds to Your Garden or Yard Add a unique and dynamic bird bath system to your backyard with the Achla Double or Single Cattail Bird Bath. This decorative bird bath and stand structure is made of powder coated iron with your choice of one or two 12"" diameter bird bath bowls that rest upon its cattail stalks. The stalks are fully adjustable, allowing you to create a tight and narrow display, or spread them out to encompass a more sprawling space. The stylized sculpting is fully detailed, showing even the vein patterns on the leaves. The polished copper bird bath bowls give ample room for several birds to frolic in the water at once and allow sufficient bathing with their 2.5"" depth. This bird bath unit may be staked into the ground with the included spiked base. Make your birding sanctuary one of a kind with the Double Cattail Bird Bath. Special Features Bowl dimensions: 10"" diameter x 2.5"" deep; 54 inches high Just place it in the soil to mount Opt for a double or a single display Comes with stand and cattail ensemble Low Price Guarantee Achla Designs , a Garden Accessories company, emphasizes unique, hand forged, wrought iron, European furnishings for the home and garden. Items range from small hooks and brackets to large pavilions and arbors. They also offer birdbaths, birding & garden pole systems, trellises, statuary, composting products, and wood and metal furniture. In 2004, Achla Designs introduced the Williamsburg Collection, offering reproductions as well as 17th and 18th century inspired designs for the contemporary home. Achla Designs continues to add beautiful and unique items year after year, resulting in an unusually large product line.

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Cattail Birdbath Double

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Cattail Birdbath Double