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Achla Mushroom Trellis Tall

Achla Mushroom Trellis The Achla Mushroom Trellis lends itself well to climbing vines & flowering plants, but is particularly well-suited to vertical vegetable gardening. You can use this sturdy, hand forged wrought iron trellis, with its wide circular top, as a base for supporting vegetables that trail or vine -- Sugar Snap peas, tomatoes, pole beans and vine crops. The ACHLA Mushroom Trellis allows you to make the most of a small space, and you'll find it easier to harvest your vegetables without bending and stooping. Item Specifications Style: Short Tall Dimensions: 72""H x 36"" diameter 931/2""H x 48"" diameter Color: Roman Bronze Powder Coated

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Achla Mushroom Trellis Tall

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Achla Mushroom Trellis Tall