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BMS Garden Hose Filter With Replacement Filter

BMS Garden Hose Filter Every Garden Needs a Chlorine Filter BMS Water Filters are what every organic gardener needs to have healthy fruits and vegetables for their family. By eliminating almost 100% of the chlorine from tap water, BMS water filters improve the health of your soil. Our BMS water filter is a simple, effective, and inexpensive filtration device that fits on the end of a hose. The BMS water filter removes up to 98% of water-soluble metals like lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals. This garden hose water filter will neutralize the chlorine & chloramines from up to 25,000 gallons of water! The BMS water filter has a 3 gallon per minute flow regulator built-in, which will give you about 8000 minutes of watering time. That's a lot of good clean water! Features: Increases Effectiveness of Microorganism Products Like BT Cleans up to 25,000 Gallons Replaceable and Recyclable Filtration Media Protects Soil Biology Made in the USA with Quality Parts Easy Installation 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Not Tested on Fish Not recommended for Koi fish ponds or well water Item Specifications: The BMS Water Filter is capable of handling many water filtering needs: Composters and Compost Tea Watering of Plants Hydroponics Watering Livestock and Pets Any Gardening Products That Contain Micro-organisms Replacement Filters: After 25,000 gallons, simply unscrew the top and replace the filter media (recyclable KDF) with the replacement media (KDF) and use for another 25,000 gallons! This filter is made right here in the USA with high quality parts. Why All the Fuss Over Chlorine? Simply put, chlorine kills beneficial bacteria Healthy organic soil is full of life, full of biological activity in the form of microbes, earthworms, and beneficial fungi. A teaspoon of organic soil can hold up to a billion microbes! These microorganisms are good bacteria we want in our gardens. Cities put chlorine in our water to kill bacteria. When we use chlorinated water on our gardens it is killing a lot of the good bacteria in our soils. When using products like BT (which is a bacterium) to control caterpillars, chlorinated water kills most of the bacteria, which may explain why many people are unsuccessful when using BT.

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BMS Garden Hose Filter With Replacement Filter

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BMS Garden Hose Filter With Replacement Filter