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Medium Gardener's Supply Cart

For over 25 years, our garden carts have been a beloved tool of gardeners everywhere. That???s because they were designed specifically to meet the needs of gardeners, not adapted from an industrial utility cart. The big pneumatic wheels roll easily over rough terrain. High sides prevent loose loads like mulch and compost from bouncing out. The axle is positioned to distribute the weight and balance the load. The long handle lets you push or pull with equal ease and has a comfortable neoprene grip. Tough, rust-proof aluminum frame; end slides open for easy dumping. Once you own one of our carts, it???s hard to imagine getting by without it. In fact, many of the original carts are still out there, working hard. Rated "Excellent" by a leading consumer magazine. Assembly required Rust-proof aluminum frame Comfortable foam handle grip Thick panels of 4-ply exterior plywood Ball-bearing wheels with pneumatic tires 61-1/2" L x 31-1/2" W x 22" H overall Cargo bed: 23-1/2" W x 40-1/4" L x 11" D Sliding dump door with deep, welded tracks Made in Vermont Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Medium Gardener's Supply Cart

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Medium Gardener's Supply Cart