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Labor-Saving Tools

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Berry Comb $12.95
Berry growers use large box-like combs to quickly separate the berries from the stems. We've found one that's better suited for home gardening. Blueberries, huckleberries and blackberries pop right off the plant and into the basket. (more ...)
Berry Comb

Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler $0.00
Our customers asked us to make a version with a larger seat — and we listened. Our Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler has all the same great features as the original model with a seat that's 30% deeper front to back for added comfort and more support. (more ...)
Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler

Deep-Seat Kneeler Tool Pouch $9.95
Keep your essential tools nearby when you garden by keeping them in this tool pouch, attached to your Garden Kneeler. This handy pouch has 5 pockets and attaches easily to the side of the Garden Kneeler. Note: Pouches are sized to fit either the (more ...)
Deep-Seat Kneeler Tool Pouch

Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket $0.00
Gardening is easier when you can sit, swivel and roll! Our back-saving Gardener's Supply Tractor Scoot lets you work from a seated position virtually anywhere in your yard or garden. Thanks to your input, we???ve made this customer favorite even (more ...)
Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket

Garden Accessory Kit and Storage Box $39.95
Keep your gardening accessories close at hand and eliminate walking back and forth to your storage shed. Our kit includes a handy grab-and-go box with these garden essentials: 15 Earth Staples, 400 feet of jute Garden Twine and twelve 2-in-1 (more ...)
Garden Accessory Kit and Storage Box

Garden Accessory Storage Box $24.95
Tired of walking back and forth to your storage shed or wasting time hunting for twine or garden snips? Store accessories like these, plus seed packets, Earth Staples, plant markers, trellis ties, and so much more in this handy grab-and-go (more ...)
Garden Accessory Storage Box

Garden Kneeler $0.00
Working in the garden is a whole lot easier with a Gardener's Supply Garden Kneeler. You can use your arm strength to lower yourself for weeding or planting, and then push yourself up again without straining knees or back. Flip the kneeler over and (more ...)
Garden Kneeler

Garden Weasel Cultivator $39.95
This rotary cultivator fluffs and aerates soil to encourage healthy root growth while at the same time knocking down weed seedlings. The handle is lightweight to minimize fatigue, and the aluminum wheels are sturdy and rustproof. Remove one or more (more ...)
Garden Weasel Cultivator

GardenEase™ Kneeler $69.95
Garden all day in comfort and with confidence. Designed and engineered by us in response to customers??? need for a way to reduce back and knee strain, this ultra-stable kneeler lets you spend more time doing what you love. Innovative materials and (more ...)
GardenEase™ Kneeler

Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote $29.95
Always at your side, this handy bag is a perfect gardener's companion. Strap it to your waist and carry more than 5 gallons, keeping hands free for pruning, deadheading and weeding. Just drop trimmings into the bag and dump when it's full — so (more ...)
Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote

Large Tip Bag $29.95
They won't flop over like flimsy plastic leaf bags, and they won't let garden refuse spill out like wheelbarrows can. These tear-proof polypropylene garden bags have a wide base and plastic hoop rim, so they stand at attention, ready to fill with (more ...)
Large Tip Bag

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Labor-Saving Tools