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Labor-Saving Tools

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Leaf Scoops $14.95
Gather raked leaves in half the time with these extra large "hand extenders". Molded from lightweight, high quality polypropylene, they fit any size hand comfortably, letting you quickly pick up grass clippings, leaves and piles of weeds. A safe way (more ...)
Leaf Scoops

Leafmaster 3-in-1 $149.00
Don't just blow leaves around! Using a leaf blower is fine for clearing a small area, but it's no way to clean a whole yard. The Leafmaster is a powerful electric tool which vacuums up leaves, shreds them into mulch, and collects them for (more ...)
Leafmaster 3-in-1

Medium Tip Bag $24.95
They won't flop over like flimsy plastic leaf bags, and they won't let garden refuse spill out like wheelbarrows can. These tear-proof polypropylene garden bags have a wide base and plastic hoop rim, so they stand at attention, ready to fill with (more ...)
Medium Tip Bag

Muck Vac $99.95
With this ingenious underwater vacuum, you don't need to empty your pond to clean it. Just connect the Muck Vac to your garden hose and vacuum away muck, algae, sand and fish waste. It's powerful yet gentle; you can usually leave fish and plants (more ...)
Muck Vac

No-Dig Ground Screw For Mailpost $29.95
This ingenious anchoring device makes it easy to install your mailbox post. Use the included 19" long rebar to turn the oversize screw right into the soil. Then attach your standard 4 x 4 wood post (not included) using the five included lag screws. (more ...)
No-Dig Ground Screw For Mailpost

PotLifter $29.95
When it's time to move large planters, potted shrubs, trees, or even rocks, use this ingenious hauling device to do the job and protect your back from injury. Just place the self-cinching straps around most any object up to 6 feet in circumference, (more ...)

Puddle-Proof Field Bag $0.00
Early morning in the garden, a million dewdrops glittering??? and soaking the bottom of any ordinary garden tote. But not our Puddle-Proof Field Garden Bag. Its unique waterproof bottom keeps contents dry — no more soaked seed packets, wet (more ...)
Puddle-Proof Field Bag

Retrofit Bucket Basket for Tractor Scoot $0.00
Already have one of our Tractor Scoots? You might appreciate adding this newly designed Bucket Basket. It's the perfect size for a 5-gallon pail or our 3-1/2-gallon Tubtrug and provides a convenient place to toss weeds or gather the day's harvest. (more ...)
Retrofit Bucket Basket for Tractor Scoot

Rubber Mallet $6.95
The head of our Rubber Mallet has a wide surface area, providing plenty of power without denting, chipping or otherwise damaging surfaces. Perfect for installing many types of landscape edging and handy for tapping wood into raised bed corners. (more ...)
Rubber Mallet

Standard Kneeler Tool Pouch $7.95
Keep your essential tools nearby when you garden by keeping them in this tool pouch, attached to your Garden Kneeler. This handy pouch has 5 pockets and attaches easily to the side of the Garden Kneeler. Note: Pouches are sized to fit either the (more ...)
Standard Kneeler Tool Pouch

Steppin' Edger $39.95
This is the easiest-to-use edger we've seen. Simply "walk" it along your border; the blade and your foot power do the work, saving your back, shoulders and wrists. It has a comfortable foam grip, a window in the blade for perfect (more ...)
Steppin' Edger

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Labor-Saving Tools