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Power Tools

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Corded Pole Saw $89.95
The chain saw has an 8" bar and can be used on the 9-1/2' fiberglass, telescoping pole, or detached and used to prune low branches and shrubs. The 6-amp motor has plenty of power, is easy to start, and there are no noxious fumes. Weighs just 12 (more ...)
Corded Pole Saw

Corded Tiller $149.00
This handy tiller has plenty of power to loosen soil in gardens and raised beds, without the hassles of gas-powered models. The 8.5-amp motor starts with a flip of a switch, and there are no noxious fumes. Weighing in at just 17 pounds, it???s easy (more ...)
Corded Tiller

Electric Wood Chipper $199.00
This handy chipper chops dry branches and twigs into small chips that are perfect for using as mulch to help minimize weeds and conserve moisture. A handy detachable bag collects the chips for easy spreading. The chipper accepts twigs and branches (more ...)
Electric Wood Chipper

Hearing Protectors $14.95
Unlike headphone models, our Hearing Protector is lightweight and comfortable to wear, even with a hat and glasses, and it's laboratory tested for a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 20. One size fits all 5" W x 5-1/2" H Weighs 8 grams Made (more ...)
Hearing Protectors

Worx JawSaw™ $199.00
The JawSaw™ is a breakthrough in yard cleanup! This revolutionary tool???s powerful electric chainsaw is concealed within the jaw-like housing, allowing you to safely and easily cut branches up to 4" thick. Between cuts, the blade retracts (more ...)
Worx JawSaw™

Power Tools