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Pruners & Loppers

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Quantum™ Bypass Pruners $79.95
Premium-quality Quantum pruners are made with the highest-grade materials for performance, comfort and lasting durability. The ultra-sharp, rust-resistant bypass blades have a low-friction coating that makes cutting even easier and prevents the (more ...)
Quantum™ Bypass Pruners

Rose Thorn Stripper $24.95
This clever tool lets you effortlessly remove thorns from rose stems, and leaves from carnations and other cut flower stems. Simply wrap the blades around a stem and pull down. Steel with zinc coating, plastic 6-5/8" L Made in Germany
Rose Thorn Stripper

Tool Sharpener $0.00
Make work around your yard, garden and home easier, faster and safer by keeping your tools sharp. This hand-held sharpener quickly and easily puts a new edge on just about any tool — pruners, loppers, knives, hatchets, scissors, even mower (more ...)
Tool Sharpener

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Pruners & Loppers