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Shovels & Hoes

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Gardener's Lifetime Half-Moon Hoe $79.95
Also called a swan-neck hoe, this popular tool cuts weeds just below the soil surface. The ergonomic design lets you stand up straight while working, minimizing back strain, and the curved blade lets you work in tight spaces between plants and rows. (more ...)
Gardener's Lifetime Half-Moon Hoe

Gardener's Lifetime Spork $99.95
This multitasking tool combines a spade and fork, making it your go-to tool for loosening soil, digging, cultivating, dividing, weeding and edging. The sharp, serrated edge cuts through tough soils, sod and roots. Perfect for slicing through surface (more ...)
Gardener's Lifetime Spork

Gardener's Lifetime Trowel $39.95
Our Gardener???s Lifetime Trowel is hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel. Unlike flimsy tools that are stamped from thin stainless steel, this trowel is ready for a lifetime of use by serious gardeners. To give it (more ...)
Gardener's Lifetime Trowel

HERS™ Shovel $0.00
HERS™ Shovels are ergonomically designed to maximize women's strengths and minimize strain, based on research into how women use tools differently than men. The extra-deep step has a non-slip tread to prevent slipping, letting you use your (more ...)
HERS™ Shovel

Hula Hoe $24.95
An ordinary flat hoe — the only kind you see in most garden centers — is good for moving and smoothing soil. For weeding, though, the Hula Hoe (also called a stirrup hoe or scuffle hoe) is a far better tool for the job. The sharp steel (more ...)
Hula Hoe

Spear Head Spade™ $59.95
This shovel is ready to handle your toughest tasks with less effort from you. The heavy-duty, high-carbon manganese steel blade is tapered to cut through the most challenging soil, sod and roots, and the durable fiberglass handle has a comfortable (more ...)
Spear Head Spade™

Super Shovel $49.95
Put some teeth in your digging with the Super Shovel! It slices through roots, rocky soil and baked clay with sharp teeth forged of high-carbon steel. The reinforced fiberglass handle — much stronger than typical handles — absorbs shock (more ...)
Super Shovel

Shovels & Hoes