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Insect & Disease Control

There are hundreds of bugs and thousands of diseases that can infect your treasured plants and vegetables. Once infected your hard work can be evaporated in a matter of weeks or even days. Eliminate unwanted pest, insects, and disease with the proper treatment.

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Grub-Away™ Nematodes pkg of 10 million $29.95
Only from gardens alive! Grub-Away parasitic nematodes are the effective, non-chemical answer to a wide range of lawn and garden problems!
<B> Grub-Away™ Nematodes pkg of 10 million

Gardener's Gold TM Premium Compost $11.95
Only from Gardens Alive! The best way to healthy soil for an organic garden.
<b>Gardener's Gold <small><sup>TM</small> </sup>Premium Compost </b>

Accugrow Soil Test Kit $39.95
You can easily perform a soil test whenever the need arises.
Accugrow<sup><font size=-1>™</font></sup> Soil Test Kit

Alive!TM Soil Activator $9.95
Bring tired, lifeless soil back to life with Alive! Soil Activator. Alive! Revitalizes poor soil by providing the beneficial bacteria and fungi
Alive!<sup>TM</sup> Soil Activator

All Purpose Pest AwayTM Trap $14.95
Similar to our standard Pest Away™ Trap, our improved version attracts more Indian meal moths that might find their way into your home.
All Purpose Pest Away<sup>TM</sup> Trap

All Season Lily Mixture $29.95
Your garden will positively glow with this colorful All Season Lily Mixture of Asiatic, Trumpet, Tiger and Oriental Lily varieties.<
All Season Lily Mixture

All-Purpose Respirator $49.95
Protects from dust, vapors, fumes.
All-Purpose Respirator

America Grape $12.95
These luscious grapes have a delicate flavor. The heirloom variety is delicious for fresh eating or juice.
America Grape

Apple Pest Trap $21.95
Prevent crops from pesky worm damage.
Our Apple Pest Trap lures the pests, which are attracted to the scent of pheromones, and are captured by a pre-coated sticky surface.
Apple Pest Trap

Asian Lady Beetle Trap $9.95
Only from Gardens Alive! Asian lady beetles are welcome in the garden but they can become a real nuisance when they show up inside your home.
Asian Lady Beetle Trap

Attack Squad Special! $54.75
These hordes of hungry insects will prey on many destructive garden bugs.
Attack Squad Special!

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Insect & Disease Control