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Insect & Disease Control

There are hundreds of bugs and thousands of diseases that can infect your treasured plants and vegetables. Once infected your hard work can be evaporated in a matter of weeks or even days. Eliminate unwanted pest, insects, and disease with the proper treatment.

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BEE-AllureTM Honey Bee Attractant $9.95
By attracting honeybees to your garden during bloom time you’ll see increased fruit set and yield thanks to their pollinating efforts.
BEE-Allure<sup><font size=-2>TM</sup></font> Honey Bee Attractant

Bee-Feed $14.95
Bee-Feed increases crop yields and flower production by keeping these beneficial insects in your garden area for essential pollination.

Benafeed $14.95
Attract beneficial insects such as green lacewings, lady beetles and predatory mites by using Benafeed.

Benallures TM Attractant $19.95
This is the all-natural way to control predatory insects in your garden, without using chemicals.
Benallures <sup>TM</sup> Attractant

Beneficial Sf Nematodes $22.95
Nematodes is highly effective against destructive nematodes.
Beneficial Sf Nematodes

BioBoostTM All-Natural Foliar Fertilizer $14.95
Only from Gardens Alive!This exciting, all-natural product will work wonders in your garden!
BioBoost<sup><small>TM</small></sup> All-Natural Foliar Fertilizer

Blue Jay Highbush Blueberry $10.95
One of the best berries you’ll ever find for freezing, pies and canning, with clusters of light blue, mild-flavored fruits.
Blue Jay Highbush Blueberry

Bluecrop Blueberry $16.95
Unmatched for its highly consistent yields, this variety is sure to be a gardener’s favorite.
Bluecrop Blueberry

Brunswick $9.95
This variety truly does double-duty. Brunswick vigorously forms an attractive dense 8-12 in. high ground cover

Codling Moth Trap $19.95
Prevents worm damage to fruit crops. Our traps produce excellent results.
Codling Moth Trap

ComposTumbler® Deluxe Kit $429.95
This is the Original ComposTumbler that will provide you with a steady supply of homemade compost in 2 weeks or less.
ComposTumbler<sup>®</sup> Deluxe Kit

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Insect & Disease Control