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Insect & Disease Control

There are hundreds of bugs and thousands of diseases that can infect your treasured plants and vegetables. Once infected your hard work can be evaporated in a matter of weeks or even days. Eliminate unwanted pest, insects, and disease with the proper treatment.

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Economy Red Sphere Traps $9.95
Best Value! Easy to use! Go all season long without spraying.
Economy Red Sphere Traps

Elderberry $19.95
The umbrellalike clusters of deep purple berries on this native plant are great for pies, jelly and homemade wine and produce a heady aroma.

Encapsulated Earthworm CocoonsTM $12.95
Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons make it convenient and easy to add these soil-transforming creatures to you garden.
Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons<SMALL><SUP>TM</SUP></SMALL>

Enchant Insect Feeding Stimulant $14.95
Helps control crop damage and reduce pesticide resistance.
Enchant Insect Feeding Stimulant

Enz-RotTM Blossom End Rot Concentrate Spray $12.95
Prevents blossom-end rot on tomatoes, melons, and peppers. Spray Enz-Rot every 5-7 days on foliage and fruit to restore calcium and prevent blossom-end rot.
Enz-Rot<sup><font size=-2>TM</sup></font> Blossom End Rot Concentrate Spray

Escar-Go!® SupremeTM $9.95
Kills slugs, snails, earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs, pill bugs, crickets and ants.
Escar-Go!<sup>®</sup> Supreme<sup>TM</sup>

Firecracker in the Sky Mixture $11.95
Spectacular shades of red and violet.
Firecracker in the Sky Mixture

Flea Control Nematodes $19.95
Flea Control Nematodes help control fleas in the outdoor areas your pets frequent most.
Flea Control Nematodes

Flea Secure™ Light Trap $19.95
Now, you can stop fleas dead in their tracks with our easy-to-use Flea Secure Light Trap that offers years of protection.
Flea Secure™ Light Trap

Flowers Alive!™ for Annuals $9.50
A complete food designed for annuals that supplies flowering plants the additional nutrients that hungry annual flowers need to optimize the number and size of blooms.
Flowers Alive!™ for Annuals

Foliar Lawns Alive!™ Fertilizer $12.95
An all-in-one soil enhancer, fertilizer and plant food. It is a microbial soil inoculant that is rich in beneficial micro-organisms and specially balanced humic acid and plant extracts.
Foliar Lawns Alive!™ Fertilizer

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Insect & Disease Control