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Insect & Disease Control

There are hundreds of bugs and thousands of diseases that can infect your treasured plants and vegetables. Once infected your hard work can be evaporated in a matter of weeks or even days. Eliminate unwanted pest, insects, and disease with the proper treatment.

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Frost Patrol® Plant Protector $19.95
Extend the growing season into the fall with the Frost Patrol Plant Protector that guards your plants from damaging frost in spring and fall.
Frost Patrol<sup>®</sup> Plant Protector

Fruit Friend Fruit Fly Trap $14.95
Trap annoying fruit flies with our Fruit Friend Fruit Fly Traps!
Fruit Friend Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Trees Alive!® Build-Up Formula $9.95
Signature Product Helps fruit trees grow faster and bear big, delicious harvests!
Fruit Trees Alive!<sup>®</sup> Build-Up Formula

Garden PlentyTM Plant-Based Fertilizer $12.95
Only from Gardens Alive! If you prefer a vegetable fertilizer that contains no animal by-products, Garden Plenty is for you!
Garden Plenty<sup>TM</sup> Plant-Based Fertilizer

Garden Solutions® Wasp Trap $12.95
Only from Gardens Alive! Says goodbye to pesky backyard wasps with Garden Solutions Wasp Trap!
Garden Solutions<sup>®</sup> Wasp Trap

Gardener’s Gold™ Mulch $12.95
This easy-to-use pelletized straw mulch keeps grass seed moist and in place for faster, more even germination.
Gardener’s Gold™ Mulch

Garlic Baker $14.95
Treat family and dinner guests to the joys of roasted garlic with our roast-and-serve Garlic Baker.
Garlic Baker

Giant Crocuses for Naturalizing $16.95
Professionally blended for same-time blooming, enjoy these superior-quality bulbs at an economical price!
Giant Crocuses for Naturalizing

Giant Daffodils for Naturalizing $9.95
These large, bold flowers will bloom at different times, producing daffodils in a variety of colors and textures.
Giant Daffodils for Naturalizing

Grecian Windflowers $9.95
These daisy-shaped flowers are early bloomers, opening even before many crocuses.
Grecian Windflowers

Green GuardTM Seed Treatment $12.95
Green Guard Seed Treatment is derived from a naturally occurring protein (harpin) and formulated to provide a superior type of seed coating.
Green Guard<sup><font size=-2>TM</font></sup> Seed Treatment

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Insect & Disease Control