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Statues & Fountains

The back yard has become an extension of the home - a valuable living space which, with a little care, can become one of your family's favorite places to be. Look in the Outdoor Living areas below for items that will make your spaces more beautiful, practical, safe, enjoyable, even whimsical.

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Bottle Tree $34.95
Placing empty glass bottles in the garden as a way to trap evil spirits is a Southern tradition. These days, a bottle tree is also a way to remember a special celebration or add sparkling color to a quiet spot in the garden. Powder coated steel (more ...)
Bottle Tree

Dahlia Wind Spinner $0.00
Like a jumbo version of a child's pinwheel, this 74" tall kinetic sculpture turns in the slightest breeze. The two, flower-like blades spin in opposite directions to create a fascinating visual effect. An instant and dramatic focal point for your (more ...)
Dahlia Wind Spinner

Statues & Fountains