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Easy-Plant Weed Block Mulch

Grow vegetables the way the professionals growers do, in beds protected with black plastic mulch. It suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture and warms the soil — especially helpful for heat-lovers like melons and peppers. Foliage and fruits don't come into contact with soil, which minimizes problems with soil-borne diseases. Also conserves water by retaining soil moisture. You can also install a soaker hose underneath for easy watering. Plastic sheet is 25' L x 4' W with perforated, 3" planting holes -— pop out only the holes you need. Holes are spaced about 8" apart, with approximately 120 planting holes in all. Black LLDPE plastic 25' L x 4' W x .05 mm thick Approx. 120 - 125 perforated planting holes Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Easy-Plant Weed Block Mulch

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Easy-Plant Weed Block Mulch