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Colorful Pepper Grow Bag

For years now, gardeners in England have made the most of very limited garden space by growing vegetables, greens and herbs in plastic bags placed on steps, patios and landings. We???ve made improvements and achieved terrific results — and you will, too! First, our Pepper Grow Bags are made of patented, double-layer polypropylene instead of sheet plastic. This felt-like fabric breaths better, so your plants won???t suffer from heat build-up, overwatering, or poor aeration. Plus, our fabric air prunes plant roots, resulting in a strong, healthy root system. We???ve developed a Grow Bag for many popular crops — shallow for salads, deep for tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. That means less planting mix to buy and better results. Patented two-layer, BPA-free polypropylene fabric 13" W x 10" L x 12" H Holds 20 quarts of planting mix Made in USA Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Colorful Pepper Grow Bag

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Colorful Pepper Grow Bag