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ShrubJacket, Small

ShrubJackets protect your shrubs from winter wind, snow, sunscald, and hungry deer as effectively as burlap, but they're more attractive, easier to install and secure snugly without breaking branches. Made from breathable, non-woven polypropylene fabric with a leaf motif that blends into the landscape; drawstrings at the top and bottom keep the cover in place. Includes storage bag. Nonwoven polypropylene fabric Small ShrubJacket measures 28" H x 30" W and covers a shrub up to 2' H x 2' W Medium ShrubJacket measures 42" W x 40" H and covers a shrub up to 3' H x 3 1/2' W Large ShrubJacket measures 54" W x 50" H and covers a shrub up to 4 1/2' W x 4' H The customizable 5' x 7' ShrubJacket Sheet is ideal for tall plants and roses with irregular shapes or sizes Imported fabric

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ShrubJacket, Small

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ShrubJacket, Small