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Gardener's Revolution® Planter

The Gardener's Revolution Planter® is a fun and easy way to grow tomatoes. It's designed for healthy plant growth and easy maintenance, so you can get a blemish-free harvest anywhere in full sun — even on your deck or by the front door. The planter is sturdy and reusable, with a two-part, powder-coated steel cage and a woven poly liner that lets roots "breathe." The liner opens up for planting, then zips shut, so you won't injure the plant trying to push it through a hole. The planter hangs from our unique swivel hook that makes it a breeze to turn your plant. And now we've improved the top-down water delivery system to make it easier than ever to keep the plant properly watered. Even if you have a regular garden, you'll find that this revolutionary growing system is a fun way to get a picture-perfect harvest of delicious, homegrown tomatoes. Includes planting tips from our own test gardens. We recommend using Self-Watering Container Mix and Organic Tomato Fertilizer, sold separately Take the guesswork out of watering with the AquaScale, sold separately Sturdy polyethylene-coated steel cage with soft synthetic fabric liner Planter is 8" diameter x 16" H Holds 17 quarts of container mix 1-gallon soft reservoir with built-in capillary strips Swivel chain and hook Liner is imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Gardener's Revolution® Planter

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Gardener's Revolution® Planter