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Easy Grow Fertilizer, 3.6 Oz.

Want world-class performance from your plants? Feed them with the best nutrients! In our test gardens, tomato plants fed with a combination of Easy Grow and Easy Bloom fertilizers produced 50% more tomatoes! We developed these fast-acting fertilizers specifically for plants growing in containers, because they need a ready supply of high-quality nutrients at all times. Start seedlings and young plants off right by feeding them with Easy Grow Fertilizer (15-8-14) to build robust roots and lush foliage. After four weeks, begin feeding flowering and fruiting plants with Easy Bloom Fertilizer (11-15-13) for the healthiest blossoms and fruits. Easy Grow and Easy Bloom formulations contain no animal by-products or bone meal; they're odorless and won't attract animals. Simply add these concentrated dry fertilizers to your watering can, following dilution rates on the label. The 3.6 oz. container makes up to 33 gallons of liquid fertilizer! Derived from calcium chloride, potassium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, potassium phosphate, iron EDTA, manganese EDTA, zinc EDTA, copper EDTA, sodium molybdate, boric acid Easy Grow guaranteed analysis: Total nitrogen 15% (5% ammonical nitrogen, 10% nitrate nitrogen) Available phosphate 8% Soluble potash 14% Calcium 2% Magnesium 0.8% Sulfur 1% Boron 0.05% Copper 0.05% Iron 0.2% Manganese 0.6% Molybdenum 0.0005% Zinc 0.1% Easy Bloom guaranteed analysis: Total nitrogen 11% (3% ammonical nitrogen, 8% nitrate nitrogen) Available phosphate 15% Soluble potash 13% Calcium 5% Magnesium 1% Sulfur 1% Boron 0.07% Copper 0.05% Iron 0.3% Manganese 0.9% Molybdenum 0.0005% Zinc 0.2% Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Easy Grow Fertilizer, 3.6 Oz.

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Easy Grow Fertilizer, 3.6 Oz.