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Seed Tape

Seed Tapes are the perfect, no-waste way to plant where space really counts — in containers, raised beds, or small gardens. Each strip of biodegradable paper is embedded with perfectly spaced seeds; simply unroll into a planting furrow and cover. Planting is precise, there's little or no thinning needed, and the germination rate is outstanding. Seed Tapes are made by Suttons Seeds, one of England's most trusted growers, and we're offering some of their most reliable and rewarding varieties. Seed tapes are also ideal for mid-season succession planting between rows. Popular with English gardeners for years and trialed in our own test gardens with almost 100% germination, Seed Tapes have made believers of us. Choice of Spring Onion (White Lisbon), Radish (French Breakfast), Carrot (Amsterdam Forcing 3), Lettuce (Webb's Wonderful), or Beet (Boltardy). Biodegradable paper and seeds 16'-6" total length Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Seed Tape

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Seed Tape