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Colorful Tubtrug, 7 Gallon

We think Tubtrugs are one of the most useful gardening and household tools ever. These flexible, lightweight polyethylene tubs are washable, bendable, crushable and nearly indestructible. This mid-size, 7-gallon Tubtrug is perfect for picking apples, collecting weeds in the garden and holding groceries in the back of the car. With several Tubtrugs already hard at work at home and in the garden, we keep finding uses for a few more! Made of durable polyethylene 15" top diameter x 12" H Holds 7 gallons Level markings on inside for quart measurements Washable, bendable and super-tough

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Colorful Tubtrug, 7 Gallon

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Colorful Tubtrug, 7 Gallon