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Earth Disks, Set of 15

Our heavy-duty Earth Staples come in several styles: Regular Earth Staples hold garden covers or plastic mulches securely in place 10-in. Extra-Tall Earth Staples sink deeper in the ground for anchoring trellises and wire composters Easy-Out Earth Staples have a handy loop on top for quick removal Rubber Earth Disks, sold separately, make our Regular and Easy-Out Earth Staples easier to remove and help prevent landscape fabric from tearing (discs do not fit Extra-Tall Earth Staples) Regular Earth Staples: 6" H Extra-Tall Earth Staples: 10" H Easy-Out Earth Staples: 6" H Earth Disks are 3/8" black rubber

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Earth Disks, Set of 15

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Earth Disks, Set of 15